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Mosaico di ArDuo a r a w d i v e r t i n g u t t e r m o s t o t h e r n e s s

Listen to: Statua, live in Amsterdam

ArDuo: voice and drums. The essential ensemble to maximize individual polyphonic capabilities.

The voice sings tales in different languages, the overtones of the drum create melodies, the cymbals resonate with the voice. The ancient technique of flute and drum is extended to the entire set, giving chance to manage multiple levels. Piston flutes to create simple melodies of fifths and octaves can leave hands free to play violin. The use of the electric guitar sound evokes soundscapes in which the vocalist is in the foreground.


Music And New Instruments

2016 GYT edition: 31st March - 29th April
In collaboration with "Groove Your Talent" of circolo Arci AUT of Conversano (BA Italy)

Building a sound object means give birth to new musical and performing perspectives: the shape of the instrument is responsible of the shape of music, until the needs of the music modify the instrument itself. In order to do this we'll learn to read in the instruments the signs of history which created them, to understand their meaning, the market value and the acoustics, to conceive a new model combining in a creative way the sound possibilities and the shape meaning.


Un progetto di Luis Ortega and Alessio Giuliani active in different contexts of sound and style, into the frame of free improvisation.

Urban Edges

oslesia | Urban Edges cover art

Urban Edges is the first work of AGLO dedicated to urban living. The disc packaging was handcrafted by cutting the graphic work of Sirako in 54 numbered portions that make up the cover and booklet of each of the 54 collection copies to which are connected by the same serial number.

Urban Butchers

Luis Ortega: bass, fx and screams
Rodrigo Ambriz: vocals and fx
Alessio Giuliani: drums, traps, flute and screams
Recorded in Mexico City, January 2013 | Mixed and mastered by Luis Ortega | Photos by Mayra Huerta | Released in 2013 by suplex

oslesia | Urban Butchers cover art picture by Mayra Huerta

Urban Butchers is the secondwork of the urban cycle of AGLO. On the cover the meat as portrayed by Mayra Huerta could wonder. Maybe the same wonder could rise from this music, thought The research that flows into new music silently feeds even urban everyday life.

Cuentos de hadas

Cuentos De Hadas, logo

Work group dedicated to guitars, inspired by the idea that it is the signal which controls the devices.

In this project guitars are the stars. We focus on the body of the instrument in relation to the body of the guitar player. Ergonomics, physics, electronics, the significance of the body of the guitar are the forces that intervene between the industry and the transformation of a sound technology. Through the fieldwork we highlight the points on which we can intervene. We try to improve the sonic possibilities already existing, thinking of practical solutions to facilitate or make possible the use of certain techniques.

CDH duo Pascucci Giuliani CDH duo Pascucci Giuliani live at con.divisione artistic residence 2013.08.17 in Mola di Bari, Italy.

People involved in the project are not only guitarists but also researchers and artists interested in the application of new technologies in creative fields.


Cycloscope, Daniele Giannotta, Elena Stefanin

...a bicycle journey around the world, a series of reportages, a new approach to global mapping.

We all support Daniele Giannotta ed Elena Stefanin in their amazing project.


Everything in this project and this website as been realized using free software.

In freedom we trust.

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Giancarlo Lestingi: global information and comunication technology consulence.